Gittos Personal Mini Blender

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Gittos Personal Mini Blender

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Great for most fruits. Very well made excellent colours. If you love smoothies just as much as me, this is definitely the blender for you. this one does everything I want plus more and it does it in your own bottle. you know you don't have to find a bottle to put your smoothie in, which is brilliant. Item is a steal and helping me live a healthy life.


This blender is awesome ! The feel of the bottle, the rotor running, stainless steel shell casing - it feels incredible ! Made a simple after dinner smoothie with it and did it with ease ! Look at the video to see how they blend. I mean, the powerful rotor and sharp blades sure handle these fruits nicely and doesn't seem to struggle at all ! I've used it beforehand with a slightly more amount of fruits - frozen raspberries, 1 fresh banana, 5 slices of frozen kiwis, 2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt, and milk; they SHREDDED everything nice and evenly !


After scratching my car a few times with the standard wired home vacuum, I've purchased that little guy. It's light and powerful, and with attachments it's easy to reach everywhere (like in between leg support extension, air vents etc). The nice bonus was the reverse function on it, meaning you can pump an air bed, or a kayak, for somebody who's going on camping around Scotland and Lake District often (pre-pandemic) - it's ideal! It will be good around the house too, for a quick clean up, so I might get one more.


It is great to make my smoothies and juices, the power is very good and it works great, it has different speed levels, it has suction cups on the bottom so that it does not slip, it brings a large and a small glass, both with a lid, and It contains a blade to grind, I recommend it, it is wonderful


It is a perfect size and it is not too big, so it is female friendly weight to hold and use when you cleaning your car. I really love the extra inflatable function on this mashine. I can blow up my inflatable mattress and chair any where and any time I want. The most important thing is no longer need to use the old manual machine, but this does the job easily and automatically. This can also take with me to anywhere, because it is wireless and chargeable. Can’t wait to use it for the inflatable swimming kit in summer time.